Expert Care for Pediatric Fractures in children by Dr. Srikanth Varma Racherla

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Introduction: Fractures, or broken bones, are among the most common injuries in children, often occurring in the elbow region. Dr. Srikanth Varma Racherla, a distinguished best Orthopedic and Hand Surgeon at Zulekha Hospital, Dubai, emphasizes the importance of prompt and effective treatment for pediatric fractures to prevent long-term complications.

Understanding Pediatric Fractures Pediatric fractures require specialized attention due to the unique nature of children's bones, which are still growing and developing. Dr. Srikanth Varma Racherla highlights the significance of differentiating between fracture classifications, which include: Stress or Hairline Fractures: Partial breaks in the bone without separation.

Non-Displaced Fractures: Complete breaks with aligned bone pieces.
Displaced Fractures: Complete breaks with misaligned bone pieces, often requiring surgical realignment.
Comminuted Fractures: Bone shattering into multiple pieces, necessitating surgical intervention.

Common Types of Elbow Fractures in Children

  1. Supracondylar Fracture: Occurring just above the elbow's growth plate, typically due to falls during activities. Treatment may range from nonsurgical to surgical depending on severity.
  2. Epicondylar Fracture: Affecting the elbow tip, often resulting from overuse or specific sports activities like baseball.
  3. Monteggia Fracture: Involving a fractured ulna and dislocated proximal radio-ulnar joint, leading to pain and limited motion.
Comprehensive Orthopedic Care at Zulekha Hospital, Dubai Dr. Srikanth Varma Racherla and his team at Zulekha Hospital provide expert diagnosis and treatment for pediatric fractures, ensuring optimal healing and preventing growth-related complications. With a focus on compassionate care and advanced orthopedic techniques, our goal is to facilitate the best possible outcomes for pediatric patients.

For superior orthopedic care for your child's fracture, schedule a consultation with Dr. Srikanth Varma Racherla at Zulekha Hospital, Dubai. Contact us at +971-502127689 or visit to book an appointment and embark on the path to recovery.