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Congenital anomaly is an often-inherited structural medical condition that occurs at or before birth. It can also be called birth defect.

Common types of Congenital anomalies are: • Syndactyly: It a condition where a child’s fingers or toes are fused or webbed. It usually happens during fetal development.

• Macrodactyly: An uncommon condition where a baby’s toes or fingers are abnormally grown large due to the over-growth of the underlying tissues.

• Hypoplastic thumb: This condition results in smaller development of the thumb or complete loss of the thumb from the baby’s hands.

• Congenital constriction band: It occurs when a tissue band forms around the finger or limb, causing difficulty in the normal blood flow and normal growth of the baby during birth.

• Radial club hand: It’s a congenital anomaly where the radius bone in the forearm is missing or not properly developed, causing the wrist to bend abnormally towards the body.

• Polydactyli: Presence of extra digits or toes. This abnormal presence can be corrected by safely removing the extra digit or toe which will improve the cosmesis and function.

• Brachydactyli: Abnormally short fingers . abnormally short fingers can be lengthened to give near normal appearance and function by appropriate techniques.

Dr Srikanth Varma is a hand surgeon and orthopaedic specialist. His expertise lies in conducting reconstructive surgery for congenital anomalies. He is known to provide patients with a best possible treatment.

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