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Orthopaedic Surgeon expert in Trauma, Hand and Wrist surgeries, Reconstructive Surgeries for Hand.

Tendons are tough, band-shaped tissues that connect muscles to bone.

Some of the types of tendon injuries are:

1. Flexor tendon Injury: Flexor tendons are present on the palm side of the hand which helps in smooth bending of the fingers. Damage like cuts can limit the bending of the fingers, causing a disability.

2. Extensor tendon Injury: Extensor tendons are present on the back side of the hand which help with straightening the fingers.

tendon surgery needs special skills and at times when repair is not possible some special techniques are needed like tendon reconstruction or tendon transfer.

Dr Srikanth Varma is an expert in performing primary and secondary tendon reconstruction surgery like:

1. Tendon reconstruction with grafting: In this grafting surgery, a damaged or torn tendon will be reconstructed with a piece of donor tendon.

2. Tendon transfer: It is a surgical procedure that involves moving a healthy tendon to replace a damaged tendon.

Recovery from tendon injuries need dedicated physiotherapy and after care. You will get complete medical care from the dedicated hand surgery team of Dr.Srikanth.

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