Dr Srikanth Varma Specialist Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery in Al Nahda, Dubai.

Expert in Fractures and Ligament Injuries

Orthopaedic Surgeon expert in Trauma, Hand and Wrist surgeries, Reconstructive Surgeries for Hand.


This includes fractures, dislocations and ligament injuries.

A fracture is a break in continuity of the bone. Loss of normal alignment of the joint is called dislocation. Ligaments are the stabilizing structures of the joint and their disruption at times will lead to serious consequences.

Restoration of normal anatomy and form of bones, joints and ligaments is imperative necessity to regain normal form and function.

Depending on severity, we can treat these injuries by either surgical or non surgical methods. Non surgical methods involve application of customized splints. Improper splintage or prolonged immobilization can lead to serious problems.

So not only surgeries do need skills but even non operative methods need specialized training to treat hand injuries. Book an appointment today online or by phone and get treated with the right hands.

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