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Peripheral nerves emerge from the spinal cord and travel along their course to reach their target organs. They are of two types.

Motor nerves and sensory nerves. Motor nerves function is to carry signals to muscles for contraction and sensory nerves carry sensations to brain. So any injury or disruption to these peripheral nerves will either result in loss of muscle contraction called paralysis or loss of sensation or numbness.

Some peripheral nerves form complex inter connections among them selves , form multiple branches before supplying their target organs. one such example is brachial plexus ,where nerves emerge from the spinal cord in neck area and supply entire upper limb.

Brachial plexus injuries can happen either during the process of birth or due any accidental injuries near neck. They will have serious consequences where in entire upper limb may go in to paralysis and lose sensations. There have been remarkable advancements in brachial plexus injury treatment and many patients are able to regain functional upper limbs with reasonably good sensations.

Brachial plexus injury management needs proper assessment , specialized surgical skills and customized post operative rehabilitation to achieve optimal results. Dr.srikanth , with his vast experience in brachial plexus injury management , will assure you of best possible results .

The other peripheral nerve ailments like accidental cut injuries of nerves , nerve tumours, compressive neuropathies etc., all will be dealt with optimal care .

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common compressive neuropathy seen in day to day practice. Median nerve is the nerve which gets compressed while traversing across the wrist joint and this result in numbness, pins and needles sensation and pain in the hand.

Patients will be assessed for severity by clinical examination, nerve conduction studies and ultrasound scan and then based on the results either operative or non operative treatment will be advised.

In suitable patients, we can do the carpal tunnel release surgery with minimally invasive techniques with latest endoscopic equipment. The advantages of endoscopic carpal tunnel release are faster recovery and joining back to work early.

Cubital tunnel and radial tunnel syndromes are other compressive neuropathies.

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